RigelEngine v0.7.0 released

This release adds keyboard control rebinding, a new quick save feature, and a few other missing features. On top of that, some bugs and inconsistencies with the original game have been fixed. Also worth noting is that game options are now stored in a human-readable text file, next to the user profile file. Check out the full release notes on GitHub.

Quick saving

You can now press F5 (or the back/select button on a gamepad) at any time to quick save. Press F7 to return back to the previously saved state. It’s also possible to reload the last quick save from the pause menu (open with the gamepad’s start button). Instead of F5 and F7, you can also configure other keys as desired.

Quick saving has to be enabled in the “Enhancements” section of the options menu, as it didn’t exist in the original and thus changes the gameplay experience. If you don’t mind that, it can be great for taking the frustration out of some of the harder levels!

For now, quick saves are only temporary, meaning as soon as you finish the current level or exit the game, the last quick save will be deleted. Permanently storing quick saves is planned for the future though.

Customizable controls/key bindings

A new “Keyboard controls” section has been added to the options menu, which allows rebinding in-game controls:

If you had custom key bindings set in the original Duke Nukem II, RigelEngine will import those from the original options file on first launch. Note though that this won’t happen if a RigelEngine user profile already exists, which is the case if you have launched RigelEngine previously on your machine.

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